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May 9nd, 2022





Have you ever dreamt of traveling abroad, exploring the world and creating forever memories? Have you ever thought about making life-long connections and friendships with people from all over the world? Have you ever wondered how you could do so without spending your life savings? The solution for you may be teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) abroad. English as a second language is taught in many countries and many institutions are eager to have native speakers or people with native speaker fluency teaching in their programs.

What do you need to teach abroad? Each institution may have different hiring criteria; however, many institutions require a Teaching English for Students of Other Languages (TESOL) diploma. ProTip: If your future includes teaching in Canada, make sure you choose a Languages Canada approved program such as the one taught by IGK. Languages Canada oversees the teaching of English as a Second Language programs in Canada and requires ESL teachers to have a TESOL diploma by a recognized program. International Gateway Kelowna offers a leading TESOL approved Languages Canada program out of the amazing Okanagan region in British Columbia in the beautiful city of Kelowna. The program consists of 120-hours of studying, including hands-on activities such as lesson planning and teaching. Trainees learn the most accepted and successful language teaching methodology currently in use: Communicative Language Teaching. Classes include critical lectures and demonstrations on topics such as presenting language forms and functions, the integration of language skills, pronunciation, and classroom management. Once you have successfully completed your program with IGK and its internationally recognized program, you can choose to pursue a career domestically or internationally. Stop dreaming of what your life could be like. Join the amazing world of teaching English as a Second Language and start living your dream!


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