The Cybersecurity program is designed to students will equip you with the skills and knowledge to enter several different roles including systems security planner, internet systems administrator, computer network manager, systems implementation manager and network administrator.

On graduation, learners will be able to:

- Demonstrate knowledge in remote access methods, organizational documents and policies, and security methods.

- Apply sniffing techniques, and implement cybersecurity resilience.

- Conduct network, cloud and mobile forensics.

- Summarize best practices in cryptography and network security.

- Prepare and conduct pen tests, and complete post pen test tasks.

- Apply cloud management and protection, and understand how to mitigate security risks in the cloud.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this diploma can consider career opportunities under NOC 2175 or 5241 which includes positions such as:

- Informatics Security Analyst

- Systems Security Analyst

- Security Administrator

Co-op Opportunities

The paid co-op work experience portion is an important part of the practical side of this program. This is where the student applies the theoretical lessons learned in our academic classes to the real world. It is designed to give the student experience in a Canadian work setting that supports the learning objectives of their class

Over the course of the academic program, co-op students will take a four-week Job Search course. This course will run in the afternoon and prepare them for the co-op section. It will help students with researching employment opportunities, understanding their own strengths and weaknesses and building a professional image.

Throughout the academic and co-op portions of this program you will receive the support from our Co-Op Coordinator who will work with you to help find a suitable work opportunity and assist you to successfully complete the co-op portion of the program. At the end of the work experience, the student is required to come back to IGK and complete their two-week Capstone portion of this program before graduating.