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Listen to the audio and choose the best answer:

1. What are the speakers talking about?

2. What point about our brains does Dr. Clair make?

3. What does the man say?

4. What does Dr. Claire state?

Choose the best answer:

5. Akiko can’t

very fast.


work late.

7. Sam

very busy at school last week.

8. How about pizza tonight?

Hi Oscar, How are you? Are you in Italy? I’m in Portugal, and I have a new job in a restaurant! And no, I don’t wash dishes. I’m a waiter! My boss speaks English, and my customers are usually tourists. The job isn’t difficult. The customers always order the same thing— pizza or pasta! The restaurant opens every day from noon to eleven o’clock in the evening, so I usually work late and get up late. I don’t work on Mondays, so let’s talk later on Skype. Craig

9. When is Craig usually NOT at work?

10. What does Craig do at the restaurant?

11. How

money do you have?

12. Naomi

at a school. She worked at a bank.

13. My daughter and her friends are

travel around Australia.


United States of America has 50 states.

Information for visitors to Canyonlands National Park We want all visitors to our beautiful park to have a great experience. Please read this safety information at the beginning of your visit. • The weather can change quickly in the park. When it’s cold, you lose 80% of your body’s heat from your head. Take a hat with you and wear it when you are cold. • You can get medical help at the National Park visitor’s center, but take a first-aid kit with you on long walks. • For long walks and climbing, you can buy a map from the National Park store. This shows all the walks and routes through the park. • There are three levels of routes for walkers and climbers in the park: o green is easy o orange is difficult o red is very difficult. • On green routes you can wear normal shoes, but on orange and red routes wear strong walking boots.

15.The information says that visitors to the park should be careful

16. The information says that

17. The team hasn’t won a match


18. When you

this button, it turns the lights on.

19. Martin

to an online newspaper because it’s more convenient than buying a print newspaper.

20. Can you tell me your reasons for applying for this job at our restaurant?

21. What do you think of this travel website?

22. I don’t feel very well.

23. Peter and Edward

each other since the first grade of elementary school.

24. I don’t like change, but my sister usually takes a

of new things in her life.

25. He usually doesn’t buy very cheap goods because he thinks they’re not good


26. What do you want to do tomorrow?

sightseeing again, or just take it easy?

27. It usually doesn’t rain here in July, so it’s very

that it would rain today.

28. Hello.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Miles Trotter.

29. I think that Room 102

by Dr. Eng at the moment.


children are required to take the final exam.

31. In the end, we

buy the car because it was too expensive.

32. It's not an easy place to get to, so it might take us

or more.

33. Let me help you with that heavy bag,” the young man


34. She had to

college in order to help her parents run the family business.

35. If you go camping in the mountains, you should

in mind that the weather can be extremely unpredictable.

36. To be honest, I

have bought this jacket; it’s too expensive and doesn’t really suit me.

37. It

that the politician will lose her seat in the next election.

38. The value of his car has gone down

the scratches on the paintwork.

39. It’s a complicated project, so we’ll just have to take it


40. It takes

six hours to fly from New York to London.


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