The Okanagan Valley is the perfect place to explore your love of wine. From the cozy family-run vineyards to world-class operations, the valley’s gems consistent rank among the world’s best at international competitions and draw visitors to their sun-ripened reds and fresh, crisp whites.

IGK is offering a “Certificate of Winery Assistant and Sales” to meet the demands of this growing local industry. Obtain valuable knowledge and practical skills to work alongside expert vintners. Gain real world experience through field trips to world-class wineries. Study the scientific principles of production, influences on product quality, industry terminology, equipment operation and maintenance, harvest and crush, sanitation and safety, sensory evaluation, and marketing and sales. Students completing the program have the opportunity for a co-op with one of our many partners, and potential careers include winery assistant, customer service representative, winery sales and assistant.

On graduation, learners will be able to:

- Demonstrate Canadian customer service skills

- Adhere to food safety, health and sanitation standards

- Describe elements of food and wine pairing

- Recognize origin, structural profile, production method and components of various fermented beverages

- Use various techniques to help customers purchase wine

Career Opportunities

- Customer Service Representative

- Winery Sales Assistants

- Tour and Travel Guides