The User Interface Design Program is designed for students who are interested in future careers in the field of mobile, voice and web design. The program provides a solid foundation of theory and practical knowledge needed to create user-friendly interfaces.

On graduation, learners will be able to:

- Implement UI tools, frameworks, and built-in components.

- Apply user research techniques in the different stages of product development.

- Shape and implement adaptive user interfaces for different screen sizes.

- Apply user-centered design.

- Apply building blocks of Android and IOS user interfaces.

- Use voice and story mapping.

- Design user interfaces that are easy and comfortable to use.

- Create a portfolio implementing personal brand identity.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this diploma can consider career opportunities under NOC 2175 or 5241 which includes positions such as:

- Web designers and developers

- Graphic designers and illustrators

- Communication Designer

- Production Designer

- Interactive Designer

- Art Director

- Creative Director