Sexual Misconduct Policy


This policy governs complaints from students on campus or living at the student residence that wish to complain or report any violence/physical aggression or sexual misconduct. Anyone found engaging in violent behavior, threats and or sexual assault will be evicted from the student residence and referred to the Kelowna Police Department if required.

The College will protect the privacy of the student and the accused unless a release form is signed by the student.

  • Attend a minimum of 80% of each course
  • Students are expected to be at the school and ready to start on time


  1. The individual with a complaint or report will be referred to the Senior Educational Administrator, who is responsible for making determinations in respect to complaints following this policy. If the SEA is absent or is named in a complaint, the student must provide the complaint to the CEO.
  2. The SEA or CEO must then record the complaint by writing a report of sexual misconduct involving the student. This report will be stored in the student’s confidential records.
  3. In response to the complaint or report, the SEA or the CEO will conduct whatever enquiries and/or investigations necessary including contacting the Kelowna Police Department within 5 days.
  4. The SEA or CEO will then determine if the complaint or report is substantiated. If it is substantiated that an illegal act took place, he/she will contact the Kelowna Police Department. If the act was not illegal, he/she will determine the consequences of further misconduct, suspend the student from classes and/or residence, or dismiss the student from the school and/or residence following the refund policy.