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We connect you to the Canadian work force.

Our Career Services help you transition smoothly from the classroom to a working environment. The department will also assist you in finding the development of co-op employment opportunities with support from our partner companies.

Our team will help you learn the skills to become work-ready and provide you with the following services:

Career development workshops: One-on-one assistance with resumes, cover letters and other self-marketing material and interview preparation

Support through the job application process: Assessment of the suitability of co-op employment opportunities, co-op work site visits and/or monitoring mediation between you and the employer when necessary

Employer information sessions and career fairs: Organizing trade shows, career fairs and networking events specific to various program areas

Networking Events: Our Student Services team will host events where you can meet industry leaders and develop your professional network.

LinkedIn Profile: We will help you build your LinkedIn profile, including taking a professional portrait for your profile picture.

Ongoing Support: Our co-op specialists will support you every step of the way.


International students enrolled in full-time programs of 26 weeks or longer are eligible to work off-campus for up to 20 hours per week as part of their studies. Students enrolled in co-op programs can work full-time during the co-op portion of their programs.