General English Courses

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IGK offers special programs designed specifically for young adults aged 12-18. IGK'S Young Adult Programs are modelled after our world-renowned Adult Programs and help students develop stronger English skills, faster.

The General English program comprises a personalized education plan curated to help students achieve their English learning goals, Theme-based lessons are used to help students learn to apply English to a real-life situation, Constant feedback is given, so students can advance faster.

For their English studies, students focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills during the first half of the day. Then, they have the opportunity to participate in unique and interesting activities such as visiting local tourist spots, watching sporting events, exploring local festivals and celebrations, and experiencing interactive seasonal activities.


-Classes are based on levelling for international academic recognition.
-Our Youth General English Course combines with our most popular, Summer and Winter Camps that consists of after school activities, weekend adventures and out of class academic activities.
-Students experience life in a Canadian city and the great Canadian outdoors!
-Caring IGK staff that will make every effort to ensure that students feel safe