Volunteer to Work & Study

At International Gateway Kelowna, we firmly believe that students must reach their maximum potential, and we must provide them the right opportunities that match their skills, interests, and aspirations. Thus, we proudly introduce you to our culturally and community-based program that helps students learn, volunteer, earn and grow. This course aims at providing students real-life work experience in various communities, quality of life, better interaction, and knowledge of local cultural and current events. Students will be able to enhance their critical thinking and analytical skills all while studying the English language. Our exclusive classroom learning will help students handle and evaluate real-life situations. Not only they are introduced to different enterprises, volunteer organizations, and styles of working but also they will develop a more meaningful bond between the community and themselves which will help them nurture and grow.

This Course features:

  1. Various opportunities for students to converse and interact with local and foreigners
  2. The course provides different volunteer opportunities that match up to their skills and interest
  3. Multiple field trips to different enterprises and volunteer organizations in Kelowna
  4. Better English skills through classwork and volunteer placement outside school
  5. Classroom learning is used in real-life and hands-on situations

The function of the Course

This course aims at helping students enhance their emotional and practical skills in order to pave their way to success. With both educational and practical knowledge, we will help students gain confidence, build bonds, articulate better, and work professionally in various fields.

We have clearly defined the functions of this course which are stated below:

  • Field trips to Kelowna businesses and cultural locations to improve the interaction and build bonds
  • Learn about volunteering and volunteer etiquette
  • Gain knowledge on job search strategies
  • Explore local job markets
  • Tech to write an English resume and cover letter for job
  • Learn to give an interview with efficacy
  • Extensive discussion on common interview strategies and mistakes

Work Opportunities:

Volunteer Opportunities during the course

  1. Kelowna cultural district
  2. Kelowna community resources
  3. Kelowna gospel mission
  4. Central Okanagan food bank
  5. Okanagan center for innovation
  6. Healthcare system
  7. Various local businesses

Possible fields of volunteer placement after the course

  1. Non-profit organizations
  2. Festivals & events for various organizations
  3. Projects that need people for short-term commitments
  4. Healthcare system (eg. Hospital Foundation, senior care)
  5. Community centers
  6. Farms

Practical, Customer Service and Hospitality ESL + Guaranteed Job Placement

This 8 week program improves students English ability and customer service skills and allows for an easy transition to practice these skills in paid positions at a world famous resort. Open to Working Holiday/Experience Canada and Work Permit visa holders (see below). Ask for details.

Working Holiday and International Experience Canada Program

This program is currently available to citizens aged 18-35 from Austria, Belgium, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Taiwan. Specific conditions apply for each country. Please contact the nearest Canadian Embassy in your home country for additional information or visit:

Most common areas of employment in Kelowna

  1. Hotel/ Motel-front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, servers
  2. Ski Resorts-lift operators, ski or snowboard instructors
  3. Restaurants/ Pubs-kitchen help, sous-chefs, dishwashers, servers
  4. Golf Courses-maintenance and grounds workers
  5. Wineries-retail sales, tour guides, pickers
  6. Orchards, Farms, Ranches-pickers, farm and ranch labourers
  7. Construction and Building trades-skilled and unskilled labourers
  8. Retail shops-clerks and stock takers

In addition of full and part time ESL, International Gateway Kelowna can provide job placement assistance, resume/cover letter writing and interview techniques. Services are complimentary for IGK students enrolled in a minimum of 4 weeks of full time Practical ESL.

Do not miss out on this opportunity and enroll yourself now!