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Teacher training course with 100 hours of classroom instruction and a 20-hour supervised practicum.
TESOL Methodology topics include: The communicative approach, being a good teacher and learner, children versus adult learners, student levels, lesson planning, describing language, teaching grammar, teaching reading, teaching writing, teaching speaking, teaching listening, teaching pronunciation, ESL games and, activities, classroom management, textbooks and materials development, assessment and testing, teaching English for special purposes.

Graduate Employability

Our graduates are highly employable both in Canada and overseas.

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Evening Classes

Graduates from IGK's TESOL Diploma program are highly employable as ESL teachers both in Canada and abroad. IGK's Language Academy is always looking for talented new ESL teachers, so speak to the Academic Manager about future career options upon graduation. To allow our students to keep working while completing this program, we offer evening classes for the TESOL program to give our students a schedule that fits their lives.

Course Breakdown:

Week 1:
Day 1 – Methodologies Past and Present
Day 2 – Classroom Management
Day 3 – Lesson Planning
Day 4 – Teaching Receptive Skills: Listening
Day 5 – Teaching Receptive Skills: Reading

Plus four hours classroom observation
Week 2:
Day 6 – Teaching Vocabulary
Day 7 – Teaching Across Age and Proficiency Levels
Day 8 – Techniques, Textbooks and Materials
Day 9 – Technology in Language Learning and Teaching
Day 10 – Teaching Speaking: Phonology

Plus six hours classroom observation
Week 3:
Day 11 – Teaching Speaking: Dialogues, etc.
Day 12 – Teaching Writing
Day 13 – Teaching Writing
Day 14 – Teaching Grammar
Day 15 – Teaching Grammar

Plus four hours practice teaching
Week 4:
Day 16 – Language Assessment
Day 17 – Classroom-Based Assessment
Day 18 – Teacher Development
Day 19 – Employment Preparation
Day 20 – Employment Preparation and Wrap-up

Plus six hours practice teaching

Learning Outcomes:

On graduation, learners will be able to:

1. Describe the historical development of English as a World Language
2. Select the features of historical language teaching methodologies that are still useful today
3. Explain the differences between a teacher-fronted language class and a communicative one
4. Define Communicative Competence, its differences from Linguistic Competence, and why the former is important to Communicative Language Teaching
5. Plan lessons with activities catering to different Learning, Cognitive and Personality styles
6. Be able to find, assess and apply learning materials suitable to the needs of each lesson and the need of the learners
7. Describe why the unique aspects of adult learners make Andragogy different from Pedagogy
8. Describe and demonstrate the elements of good classroom management
9. Observe ten hours of classroom teaching by an experienced teacher and comment on what has been observed through observation tasks
10. Plan and deliver ten hours of classroom teaching to an ESL class showing competent lesson planning, classroom management and technique, engagement with, moment-to-moment response to, and formative assessment of, the learners

A. Completion of Canadian senior matriculation (Secondary School Grade 12) or equivalent
B. All applicants must present proof of English proficiency

a. One of the following English proficiency standards must be met:

1. IELTS: 6.0 overall with a minimum score of 6.0 in each skill area or equivalent from an internationally-offered English proficiency test

2. Equivalent of IELTS Band 6.0 score on the IGK English Proficiency Test

C. Exam scores presented as proof of English proficiency must have been earned no more than one calendar year before application to the TESOL program

In order to graduate from the International Gateway Kelowna TESOL Program, students must achieve a grade of 64%, or C+, in the course.

The practicum component of the TESOL Program consists of:

• 10 hours of directed ESL class observations of an experienced ESL instructor
• 10 hours of observed practice teaching of a class of ESL learners
• Lesson preparation
• Feedback and critique of your lessons by your sponsor teacher

Practicum lesson observation and practice teaching will be done on-site at International Gateway Kelowna and at local private ESL schools. Up to 50% of practicum hours may be completed online, according to TESL Canada standards.


Program Length:
8 weeks part time or 4 weeks full time (in class, online or hybrid)
Start Dates:
Jan 3rd 2022, Mar 7th 2022, May 2nd 2022, Jun 13th 2022, Sept 6th 2022, Nov 7th 2022