Certificate of Winery Assistant & Sales with Co-op

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The Winery Assistant and Sales program is designed to provide students with the knowledge … Students will also gain real-world experience through field trips to local wineries.

Course Breakdown:

Customer Service Skills

Food and Beverage

Canadian Workplace Essentials

Food and Wine Pairing

Wine Sale Techniques

Introduction to Wine, Spirits and other Fermented Beverages

Program Outcomes;

On graduation, learners will be able to:

Participate in Canadian Labor Market

Identify key elements of customer services

Define and adhere to food safety, health and sanitation standards

Describe elements of food and wine pairing

Recognize origin, structural profile, production method and components of various fermented beverages

Use various techniques to help customers purchase wine

  • International Students:

    • Complete high school or a Canadian secondary school diploma or equivalent.

    • 19 years or older at the time of admission to the program.

    • Reach an IELTS 5.5 (academic) or equivalent or achieve a IGK Level 6 Upper Intermediate or pass the IGK placement test.

    • Pass an admissions interview

  • Domestic Students:

    • Complete high school.

    • 19 years or older at the time of admission to the program.

    • Pass an admissions interview
    For more information on English language requirements, please see English Proficiency page

    • Computer Use Expectation
    In order to successfully progress through your studies at IGK, it is recommended that you have access to a personal computer or laptop. IGK offers access to computer labs on campus, but availability cannot be guaranteed and some program software may not be available on all open access computers.

  • International Students;

    Registration fee: $200

    Tuition fees: $8500

    Textbook fee: $450

    Co-op Placement fee: $1250

  • Domestic Students:

    Registration fee: $200

    Tuition fees: $3900

    Textbook fee: $450

    Co-op Placement fee: $1250

Graduates of this diploma can consider career opportunities under NOC 6411 or 6421 which includes positions such as:

- Customer Service Representatives
- Winery Sale Assistants
- Tour and travel guides

The options are endless! The following are some examples.

The paid Co-Op Work Experience portion is an important part of the practical side of this program. This is where the student applies the theoretical lessons learned in the academic class to the real world. It is designed to give the student experience in a Canadian work setting that supports the learning objectives of their class.

Over the course of the academic program, Co-Op students will take a four-week Job Search course. This course will run in the afternoon and prepare them for the Co-Op section. It will help students with researching employment opportunities, understanding their own strengths and weaknesses and building a professional image.

Throughout the academic and Co-Op portions of this program you will receive the support from our Co-Op Coordinator who will work with you to help find a suitable work opportunity and assist you to successfully complete the Co-Op portion of the program. At the end of the work experience, the student is required to come back to IGK and complete their two-week Capstone portion of this program before graduating.


Program Length:
32 weeks (22 weeks of academic study + 10 weeks of co-op)

360 hours of instruction + 250 hours of co-op

*Please consider reading weeks when planning the duration of your studies.

This program is not PTIB approved yet. It is only taking pre-registration.
Start Dates:
  • Sept 6th 2022, Jan 9th 2023, May 8th 2023, Sept 5th 2023