Certificate of UX Designer

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The UX Design Program will explore the skills, tools, and techniques used in the filed of User Experience Design. Students will apply the knowledge in a practical professional environment; including, design, research, testing of interfaces, websites, products and applications.

Course Breakdown;

-User-Experience 101
-Design research
-Structure and information architecture
-Cross-platform UX
-Workflow and Prototyping

  • International Students:

    • Complete high school or A Canadian Secondary School Diploma or equivalent.

    • Reach an IELTS 5.5 (academic) or equivalent or achieve a IGK Level 6 Upper Intermediate or pass the IGK placement test.

    • Pass an admissions interview

  • Domestic Students:

    • Complete high school.

    • Pass an admissions interview
    For more information on English language requirements, please see English Proficiency page

    • Computer Use Expectation
    In order to successfully progress through your studies at IGK, it is recommended that you have access to a personal computer or laptop. IGK offers access to computer labs on campus, but availability cannot be guaranteed and some program software may not be available on all open access computers.

  • International Students;

    Registration fee: $200.

    Tuition Fee: $8500

    Textbook Fee: $450

  • Domestic Students:

    Registration fee: $200

    Tuition Fee: $3900

    Textbook Fee: $450

Graduates of this diploma can consider career opportunities;
-UX Designer
-Information Architect
-UX Researcher
-Product Designer
-Interaction Designer


Program Length:
580 hours of instruction, 50 weeks in duration.

This program is not PTIB approved yet it is only taking Pre-Registration
Start Dates:
  • 2022

    April 4,2022 / May 2,2022 / May 30,2022 / August 29,2022 / October 3,2022 / November 28,2022

  • Study Week 2022

    – June 28,2022 to July 1,2022
    – September 26,2022 to September 30,2022
    – December 26,2022 to December 30,2022

Day Time Seasons Tuesday to Thursday 10:45AM to 15:00PM

– Class start and end times may vary as schedules will be modified to accommodate Canadian holidays.

– *Please consider reading weeks when planning the duration of your studies.