Business English

Your path to professional success!

Business English program allows you to conduct business in English. The program is specially tailored to help you improve your international business communication skills. Once you complete the program you acquire the language skills that you need to be successful in the international business arena. The program is designed to help you be confident, fluent and accurate when you conduct business across the globe.

Business English program offers courses in Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced levels. It teaches up-to-date course material based on a diverse range of real life topics and business settings. The program focuses on speaking, listening, writing and a broad range of business vocabulary in context. It also helps students improve professioal skills necessary for presentations, meetings, negotiations, and verbal and written communications.

Quick Facts:

Program Information

Monday to Friday


4, 8 or 12 Weeks 10/15/20/30 Lessons/Week

English Level:
Intermediate to Advanced*

Start Dates

Students can start every main start date. Please see IGK’s Calendar here.


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