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Our Adult General English Course is designed to be customizable for each student’s preferences and needs. Students can choose one option from the morning classes, another one for the afternoon classes, and add extras.

Our GE program is ideal for the beginner to the advanced levels. We provide a learning environment that makes the best use of different learning tools to ensure you achieve your language goals. If you are a part-time student, you can also enroll in a skill program based on your personal needs.

Course Structure and Levels


General English utilizes the second edition of National Geographic Learning’s Life series, published in 2019. While focusing on content around the four receptive and productive skills, it also contains Real Life sections that provide students with the tools needed to successfully navigate various everyday situations in English. Consequently, the vocabulary and expressions covered in the texts are functional and conceptualized, covering both formal and informal language. There are six levels in the series, each with a student book complemented by supplementary materials from a teachers’ book, a workbook, and National Geographic Online.