Agents-How to effectively sell Kelowna and International Gateway Kelowna as a study destination!

How to effectively sell Kelowna and International Gateway Kelowna as a study destination!

1. The weather and climate in Kelowa is the mildest and sunniest in Canada. That’s why Kelowna is Canada’s #1 resort and top retirement destination. Average 0C in January and 35C in August without the nasty humidity in Eastern Canada. Why freeze to death in Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary or get rained out like in Vancouver when you can study in a sunny semi-desert environment?

2. The cost of living is much less in Kelowna than in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal etc For example, the monthly Kelowna bus pass is 50-70% less than Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Montreal.

3. Kelowna and the Okanagan are one of the world’s TOP TEN wine destinations. Many wine related festivals and events are offered year round. Kelowna is also famous for golf, water sports, skiing, mountain biking and agricultural tourism.

4. Over 95% of Kelowna residents speak English as a first language compared with Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary etc with there are many non English speaking residents and host families. Why would serious English learners go to a predominately non-native English speaking city like Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto? Those cities are ok to ‘play in’ but not to seriously learn in. It is easy to visit Vancouver, Seattle and the Rocky Mountains on a weekend trip from Kelowna. Most students go to those places during their stay.

5. IGK has caring native English speaking homestays and not homestay ‘factories’ like in Vancouver, Toronto etc. where usually 2 or more international students stay in one house. Again this isn’t ideal for seriously learning English. Many IGK homestays are seniors so they have a lot of time to spend with students. In addition, most IGK students are less than 20 minutes to school by bus and 20% of IGK students can walk to school from their homestays. This would be impossible in Vancouver and Toronto where many students are 1 hour or more away from school and need to make a number of transit connections which isn’t great especially for minors.

6. Kelowna offers nearby recreational and cultural opportunities. For example, it is only a 5 minute walk to some of the best beaches in Kelowna, museums, art galleries, an ice hockey and events stadium, outdoor ice skating etc.

7. IGK offers the widest variety of teen and adult camps in Canada to suit every interest; from ice hockey skills to wine tours, IGK has it all. Plus, many of our camps are integrated with Canadians!

8. A number of working holiday jobs are available in Kelowna due to the city’s resort status. That means jobs in REAL Canadian companies and not ethnic restaurants or shops where students can’t really practice their English skills.

9. IGK offers small class sizes and lots of personal attention. Average 6 to 8 students from September to May which is optimal for language acquisition. Compare this with Okanagan College ESL classes which typically have 17+ students.

10. IGK offers our agent partners a number of incentives and bonuses during our off peak season from September to May.

Ask for details on how to represent our school! We pay excellent commissions for referrals.

Dale Lockhart