Homestay 14Living with a Canadian family is one of the best ways for students to practice their English skills while learning about Canadian culture and lifestyle. IGK host families are regularly screened, monitored and inspected for their ability to provide a safe, clean, caring and friendly living environment. Moreover, IGK host families go through an intensive interview process and police check prior to hosting students. IGK homestay families have a strong interest in welcoming international visitors and believe that hosting a student is an enriching and rewarding experience for both the family and for the student. Almost all IGK host families have pets; dogs, cats or both. Pets are treated as part of the family in Canada. IGK only accepts 1 parent and 1 child in a homestay for the Moms/Dads and Tots program and Family ESL. Families of more than 1 parent and 1 child must book their own accommodation.

IGK’s on site Homestay Coordinators customize each placement with regards to special needs, requests, diet, hobbies, personalities and family dynamics.

Kelowna is Canada’s #1 resort destination and as a result homestays are heavily booked from July 1-August 15 every year; early registration is essential. Special homestay requests cannot be guaranteed during the peak summer season. IGK homestays are unavailable for students booking part time classes in July and August.

Homestay Features

Single Room, Shared Bath and 3 meals per day. All homestay students receive a private room with a bed, bedding, towels, desk and study area and have access to laundry, telephone, television and internet (most homes have Wi-Fi).

Other Accommodation Options


Single or double rooms with fully equipped kitchens, cable TV, laundry facilities, Wi-Fi, telephone and internet access. Suitable for singles, couples, seniors and families.


Private rooms and 4 to 8 bed dorms, shared kitchen and shared bath.

Resort condo

A variety of resort options exist to suit every budget.


Resort Condo, Motel and Hostel – High Season – May to September / Low Season – October to April. Discounted monthly rates are available during the low season. Nightly rates apply during the high season.

Visit,, and to book motel, condo and hostel accommodation.

Other Services

Greeting and farewell service is provided by IGK staff at the Kelowna International Airport (YLW) or at the Kelowna Greyhound Bus Station.

Guardianship Service is provided by IGK staff and is a requirement for all unaccompanied students under age 19. It includes 24-hour legal support, translation service, financial planning, emergency and medical care.

Medical Insurance – All students must have valid medical insurance during their entire stay in Canada. Students must provide proof of valid medical insurance on the first day of class. IGK can provide medical insurance if requested at a cost of $25 per week.