Academic Policies and Procedures

Cheating & Plagiarism

Cheating includes, but is not limited to students having in their possession or using material, notes, publications, dictionaries, cell phones, PDA’s, calculators, translators or any other means of assistance during an examination, which has not been specifically authorized by the Instructor.

Plagiarism is the presentation of another person’s or source’s words and/or ideas as if they were one’s own. It ranges from an entire assignment which is not the student’s own work to specific passages within an assignment taken from a source without acknowledgement.

Students are required to turn in original work only. Students found to be in violation of the College’s Cheating & Plagiarism Policy will receive a zero grade for the test/assignment and/or will receive a zero grade for the course, at the discretion of the Instructor and CEO. Additionally, the student may be required to appear before the CEO to discuss why they should be retained in the program. Fees will be applied for retake of programs or course.

Late or Missed Assignments & Tests

Students who do not attend a test or examination will receive a zero grade for the examination. Students who are more than 15 minutes late for a test or examination will not be permitted into the classroom. Instructors, in consultation with the Campus Director/Coordinator, may develop their own sanctions for late or missed assignments & tests or may refer students to this policy.

Examination Instructions

Students should know and understand the following information before any examination:

  • Students having in their possession or using material, notes, publications or any other means of assistance during an examination, which has not been specifically authorized to be used for the examination, will automatically receive a zero grade for that paper and will be required to appear before the CEO to discuss why they should be retained in the program of studies.
  • Students must clearly identify themselves on each page of the exam material.
  • Talking, passing or receiving notes, or communicating in any manner with other candidates in the exam room or persons outside the exam room is strictly prohibited. It is also an offence to leave completed or partially completed answer scripts exposed to the view of other candidates.
  • Any student discovered to be acting in an inappropriate manner will be asked to leave the examination area as soon as the examination supervisor can do so without disrupting the other students. Students who cause any disruption may lose any right of appeal.
  • Exam materials, including answers, are IGK property.

Course Challenge Policy

IGK recognizes that there may be circumstances whereby a student wishes to challenge a course. In the event that a student fails the challenge exam, they must retake the failed course to challenge successfully. Full program fees apply whether a student challenges a course or not.

Transcripts & Academic Records

Transcripts are available via school platform and can be downloaded at anytime.

Limit of Responsibility

The International Gateway Kelowna accepts no responsibility for the cancellation or discontinuation of any course or program of instruction that may occur as a result of an act of nature, fire, riot, lock-out, stoppage of work or slow-down, labour disturbance, lack of funding, or any other cause. If a course size is below five students, the College may decide at its discretion to cancel the course.

Digital Communications

As with all IGK practices, we expect users to apply their common sense in sending/receiving electronic email and in their use of the Internet, online services, and the tools used for their access (all referred to as ‘Systems’). The Systems are established, maintained, and provided by IGK for students to complete their course work efficiently and effectively. As such, the Systems are the property of IGK. Though IGK generally respects the privacy of its students, the messages sent/retrieved/stored via IGK’s Systems are at all times the property of IGK and are at all times subject to its review without notification of, or permission by, the individual user.

Appropriate and Inappropriate Use of Technology:

  • As with any IGK resource, the Systems are to be appropriately used for purposes that further the goals of IGK. Some examples of appropriate uses include: course research and completion of assignments, projects and required course ware.
  • Users may not use email, Internet, or online services for personal uses including (but not limited to): financial gain; political, religious, or charitable campaigning; soliciting for outside organizations or commercial ventures; selling Internet or other carrier access time; creating/contributing to/forwarding any disruptive or potentially offensive messages (including pictures and/or cartoons) which may or may not contain any comment that may insult a person’s age, sexual orientation, religious or political belief, national origin, ethnicity or disability. The use of IGK Systems for playing of games is NOT PERMITTED.
  • Users may not use the Systems to copy or transmit copyrighted materials without authorization from the Systems Administrator.
  • Students are not permitted to download and/or to install SCREENSAVERS, GAMES, GRAPHICS, PICTURES, or other material not directly related to their studies. Moreover, upgrades of software, available online, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.