The Gateway to the Rocky Mountains!

The international gateway to the Rocky Mountains, Calgary is the perfect blend of a big Canadian city and beautiful scenery. It is characterized by its skyline with the Rocky Mountains in the background and the Bow River running through the city. Calgary is one of Canada’s most affordable big cities in Canada and boasts a lot of tourist attractions. You can go to the Calgary Tower for a beautiful view of the city, or go to Calgary Zoo, or experience the past at Heritage Park. You can also easily go on a bus tour to Banff, Lake Louise or Jasper to see stunning lakes, mountains and glaciers, and maybe even a bear or a moose. Whatever you are looking for, Calgary is the place where you can find it.

This glacial activity occurred during the Tertiary and Quaternary periods where mile-thick ice layers retreated 10,000 years ago, scraping the surface and leaving behind valuable sedimentary deposits along its borders. Additional mountain river erosion and flooding left behind nutrient and mineral rich soils which today still form the foundation of the Okanagan’s successful agricultural economy.

Truly Canadian Experience

A big Canadian city close to the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the history and culture of the Alberta Prairies. With so many heritage sites, modern attractions and beautiful nature, Calgary has something for everyone.

Large, multicultural modern city with over 1.2 million inhabitants

Most sunny days of Canada’s largest cities, with 332 days of sun a year

Our Calgary campus

Interactive classrooms

At IGK, languages are taught in a dynamic and energetic way. We believe active communication in the classroom is the most effective way of learning – by speaking you will achieve fluency.

Language competence certificate

You receive a certificate on your last day, stating the course attended and the level attained, as proof of your language competence. A report is available if required.

Quality inspected homestays

Contact with other students and local people makes sure you practise these skills outside the classroom.

Multicentre courses

Multicentre Courses allow you to learn and live the language in more than one IGK location.

Small classes, excellent teachers

Regular individual counselling and effective course design ensure that you make rapid progress in key communication skills. Our teachers are carefully selected, friendly, helpful, and ready to listen.

Fully equipped language centres

IGK Language Centres are fully equipped with up-to-date materials and resources in comfortable surroundings. Computer rooms are readily available for use during lessons or for self-study. Programmes range from intonation practice to grammar and vocabulary development.

Free WiFi

IGK students receive FREE WiFi internet access in school.